Don't spend your life in traffic.

Imagine you're driving in the car with a personal assistant who knows every traffic condition before you ever come anywhere near them. It would save you time, effort and most importantly, frustration. Welcome to the world of having SUNA.


Using a traffic information system like SUNA in combination with a satellite navigation device offers drivers a great way to reduce time spent in traffic.

Live speed readings are collected from our fleet of probe vehicles providing a traffic service of the highest quality.

Everyday data is collected from road authorities, managed motorway systems and other sources. This data is processed and merged into the SUNA Traffic Channel Operations Hub.

Operators in the SUNA Traffic Channel Operations Hub add live road incident data such as accidents, roadworks, and other incidents affecting commuters.

The traffic information is silently transmitted as part of a standard FM broadcast or via a mobile data broadcast.

A satellite navigation system equipped with SUNA can offer alternative routing to assist drivers avoid traffic accidents and congestion.

SUNA Traffic Channel provides live traffic updates directly to satellite navigation systems. If a delay occurs on your planned route then SUNA will let you know and where possible the navigation system will offer an alternative route to keep you moving.


Don't spend your life in traffic.

SUNA GPS Traffic Updates

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