Connecting with Suna

SUNA GPS Traffic Updates are available via a compatible navigation system or application. The navigation system or application will automatically connect to the SUNA broadcast and continually update as soon as the navigation system receives new traffic messages.

From a technical perspective, most portable and in-dash navigation devices leverage the SUNA RDS-TMC digital broadcast, which is encoded in an otherwise normal FM radio broadcast in each city. A conventional radio receiver will hear nothing, but a compatible navigation system will lock onto the correct frequency and decode this information. All currently available SUNA RDS-TMC compatible devices provide ‘lifetime’ access to the service, with no more to pay for the life of the device.

Compatible navigation devices and applications are predominately purchased with the SUNA service as a standard feature, although some navigation devices and applications can access the service via an additional piece of hardware such as a TMC Cradle or antenna, in-app purchase or an ongoing subscription.

The following brands have devices which are compatible with SUNA GPS Traffic Updates – however we recommend that you check with your navigation device manufacturer for specific product information.